Light the north: the lighthouse trail

The North East of Scotland was lit up throughout August to October 2021 by a trail of painted lighthouse sculptures.  The sculpture trail featured work from some of the UK’s most talented artists, in addition to smaller sculptures painted by school children. Thereafter the lighthouses are auctioned to raise money for the cancer charity CLAN, which provides emotional and practical support to all those affected by cancer.

The Farewell Weekend from 29 to 21 October comprised an exhibition of all lighthouses. A vision of fiery imagination, works of art that burn brightly and lift the soul.

Oceans and sealife inspired many of the scultptures.

Other lighthouses conveyed a strong message of strength, singing to a harmony of hope, creating comfort during the pandemic.

Tiny magic doors intrigue with their promise of miracles beyond.

Windows whisper of invisible wonders.

The school lighthouses conveyed comfort and hope in an uncertain world, their theme of courage within adversity, and light at the end of the covid night.

Animals delivered a poem and a promise of the wonders of nature.

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