Provost Skene’s House

Poetry of People … Aberdeen’s Hall of Fame

From medics to magicians, from scientists to sopranos, and illustrators to inventors, there is something for everyone in Provost Skene’s House. Peruse an Aberdonian past of impressive talent, and imagine a future of immortal genius. Within ancient walls, discover an unending story, the adventures of Aberdeen. Be inspired, uplifted … and above all encouraged to dream.

In the heart of Aberdeen City Centre, Provost Skene’s House is an oasis of history and calm. The building dates from 1545, and includes stunning features including fireplaces and a painted chapel room. The chapel is an ideal space for quiet reflection.

The Hall of Heroes exhibition shines a light on the brilliance, bravery, and beneficence of Aberdeen citizens, past and present. A tapestry of raw talent, a walk through the gallery is both educational and life-affirming. The stars in the Provost Skene sky shine brightly, an illumination of notable achievement, a poem to personal power … the power to make a difference in your lifetime.

Full list of Hall of Fame characters

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