Aberdeen Art Gallery

No visit to Aberdeen is complete without experiencing our exciting Art Gallery with its eclectic collections. Step in to another world, one of beauty and vibrant colour, with stunning sculpture and avant-garde art. Aberdeen Art Gallery opened in 1885, however recently has been extensively renovated, reopening as a truly world class facility in 2019. Enter […]

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Strichen Community Park

The Buchan village of Strichen sits at the foot of Mormond Hill, and features a delightful community park run by volunteers. A lake provides a home to swans and ducks. On my visit it shimmered in the sun, a vision of timeless beauty. One could imagine secret treasure hidden within its depths, and Buchan ballads […]

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New Aberdour Beach

Rocky hills point to the horizon, like the hands of a giant. The sea whispers as it strokes the shore, the song of a sea serpent. At New Aberdour Beach nature defies civilisation. You could believe you were anywhere, anytime, were it not for the cars in the parking area. Look towards the sea, and […]

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Ferryhill (in Aberdeen) hides its handsome houses behind abundant trees and blossom. Step back in time to house design heaven. Enjoy quiet avenues of stunning architecture, explore streets that sparkle like jewels, and end your walk in Aberdeen’s prettiest of parks: Duthie Park. Ferryhill Library opened in 1903, and is today a Category B listed […]

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Marischal College

Aberdeen’s granite gem, a jewel on the city skyline It is no surprise to learn that the magnificent Marischal College is the second largest granite building in the world. Notable architects Archibald Simpson and Alexander Marshall Mackenzie designed the building in the nineteenth century. It stands proud on Aberdeen’s Broad Street, like an unearthly warrior, […]

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Aberdeen Beach

A northern nirvana, Aberdeen Beach cradles the city like a mermaid mother. Grey waves shimmer with the strength of steel and the spirit of serenity. The sky meets the sea like two siblings hugging. Here the raw power of nature knows no bounds. Walk along the seafront and be invigorated by the northerly breeze, while […]

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Balmedie Beach

Sand dunes rule the land, conquerors of the senses, victors of vision. Walk among the dunes like a dancer in a daydream, a ballet of beauty in your heart. Imagine yourself in a war of realities, Balmedie Beach the winning dimension, a world removed from the usual earthly constraints of time and space, a world […]

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Royal Deeside

Royal Deeside simmers with stunning countryside and magnificent mountains, a brew of tantalising magic. Poetry paints a portrait of wild, untamed nature; a tapestry of timeless beauty, each stitch a dot of perfection. Royal Deeside is a healing balm airborne, the taste of a living landscape. It is a highly recommended region to visit in […]

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Stone Circles

Aberdeenshire is home to an impressive collection of prehistoric stone circles, indeed around 10% of the UK’s stone circles are in the region. Step back in time by visiting one or more of these ancient sites. Feel the ravages of millennia caught in stone; saviour these keepers of the past. Hear a sonnet of time […]

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Duthie Park

A stunning oasis in the heart of Aberdeen, Duthie Park offers a moment of pure peace, a lesson in botany, a nugget of Victorian nostalgia, or a child’s hour of adventure in its playground. There is truly something for everyone. The Victorian bandstand stands supreme, surrounded by a large grass play area, mature trees and […]

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