Aberdeen christmas village

Aberdeen embraces Christmas like a child with a new toy; the city comes to life with seasonal sweetness and festive flair. The granite city is a shining Christmas candle, its spirit soaring like a Santa reindeer. Begin your Aberdeen Christmas trail in the wondrous Christmas Village, a beating heart of fun in the city centre. […]

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Bonobo Bliss

Bonobo is Aberdeen’s first vegan café, an oasis of charm and calm in the busy city centre. If you love plant based food this is the place to be; if you crave culinary delights found nowhere else, this is the space to chill. A magic menu will tantalise your tastebuds, while tranquil décor and the […]

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Light the north: the lighthouse trail

The North East of Scotland was lit up throughout August to October 2021 by a trail of painted lighthouse sculptures.  The sculpture trail featured work from some of the UK’s most talented artists, in addition to smaller sculptures painted by school children. Thereafter the lighthouses are auctioned to raise money for the cancer charity CLAN, […]

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Provost Skene’s House

Poetry of People … Aberdeen’s Hall of Fame From medics to magicians, from scientists to sopranos, and illustrators to inventors, there is something for everyone in Provost Skene’s House. Peruse an Aberdonian past of impressive talent, and imagine a future of immortal genius. Within ancient walls, discover an unending story, the adventures of Aberdeen. Be […]

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Pitfour Lake

Nature meets nirvana at Pitfour Lake, a place to escape from modern day stress, a space that time forgot. Feel the years recede to a gentler past as you walk round the lake, and dream of the grand Pitfour Estate of centuries gone by. The lake is like a mirror to heaven, gentle waters reflecting […]

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Aberdeen Rainbow

A river of colour flows down each side of the Rooftop Garden at Aberdeen’s Bon Accord Centre. Vibrant and vivacious, the colours seem to speak, a poem inside trying to break out, a silent song to lure the passers-by. The rainbow paint lifts the spirit of the city, a lullaby of life in colour. The […]

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Aden Country Park

Aden Country Park, near Mintlaw in central Buchan, offers a variety of charming riverside or woodland walks. Mature trees tower above like nature’s guardians. Paths wind through the trees, over bridges and by a chorus of blushing bluebells. The River Ugie glides through the park like a sparkling jewel, singing its lullaby of peace. The […]

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Aberdeen Art Gallery

No visit to Aberdeen is complete without experiencing our exciting Art Gallery with its eclectic collections. Step in to another world, one of beauty and vibrant colour, with stunning sculpture and avant-garde art. Aberdeen Art Gallery opened in 1885, however recently has been extensively renovated, reopening as a truly world class facility in 2019. Enter […]

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Strichen Community Park

The Buchan village of Strichen sits at the foot of Mormond Hill, and features a delightful community park run by volunteers. A lake provides a home to swans and ducks. On my visit it shimmered in the sun, a vision of timeless beauty. One could imagine secret treasure hidden within its depths, and Buchan ballads […]

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New Aberdour Beach

Rocky hills point to the horizon, like the hands of a giant. The sea whispers as it strokes the shore, the song of a sea serpent. At New Aberdour Beach nature defies civilisation. You could believe you were anywhere, anytime, were it not for the cars in the parking area. Look towards the sea, and […]

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