Bonobo Bliss

Bonobo is Aberdeen’s first vegan café, an oasis of charm and calm in the busy city centre. If you love plant based food this is the place to be; if you crave culinary delights found nowhere else, this is the space to chill. A magic menu will tantalise your tastebuds, while tranquil décor and the peaceful garden caress your mind.

artwork of a monkey

Animal art salutes the soul; vibrancy meets verve meets colour meets painted poetry.

Mickey the cat adds character to the café. Contentment incarnate, a happier cat you could not find. His feline finesse is a recipe of warmth and comfort, indeed (plant based) chicken soup for the soul.

Mickey the ginger and white cat

Then we come to the actual food. Out of this world is an understatement. There is something on the varied menu for everyone, from soup to scones, salads to smoothies, fried breakfast to fine baking. My favourite drink is the tasty turmeric latte, its full ingredients a mystery.

However what makes the cuisine so special is nothing short of love: the taste of food brought to you from the heart.  It is so clear that the staff love the café, love their job, and above all love their customers. Beaming baristas greet you, laughter in their eyes and joy in their smile. Bonobo is the sunniest secret in Aberdeen.

the garden area of Bonobo

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