Pitfour Lake

Nature meets nirvana at Pitfour Lake, a place to escape from modern day stress, a space that time forgot. Feel the years recede to a gentler past as you walk round the lake, and dream of the grand Pitfour Estate of centuries gone by.

The lake is like a mirror to heaven, gentle waters reflecting the sun, sparkling as though on fire. Swans complete the divine spell, with white feathers littering the path, gifts from above.

Relics of yesterday remain, a portrait of the past. There is a replica of the Temple of Theseus, currently a ruin however its bewitching beauty can still be felt.

Swan Lake –  a story inspired by Pitfour Lake


The estate was historically owned by the Fergusons from 1667 onwards, having originally been gifted to Alexander Stewart, a son of King Robert II of Scotland. Pitfour House was designed by architect John Smith in 1809, replacing a previous country house. However the house was demolished in the early twentieth century, and stone from it was used for Torry Junior Secondary School in Aberdeen. A modernised version of the estate’s chapel remains, now a private residence.

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