Aberdeen Rainbow

A river of colour flows down each side of the Rooftop Garden at Aberdeen’s Bon Accord Centre. Vibrant and vivacious, the colours seem to speak, a poem inside trying to break out, a silent song to lure the passers-by.

The rainbow paint lifts the spirit of the city, a lullaby of life in colour. The city centre is brightened and its people are cheered. The spark of an idea, ignites a creation that is so much more.

Enjoy shopping among the chattering colours of the Bon Accord Centre. Let your eyes feast on a rainbow banquet of delight. Let colour dazzle your mind, healing your heart and stealing your senses. Take the rainbow light home with you, a memory to cherish, paint splashes in your heart.

steps at Aberdeen Bon Accord Centre painted in rainbow colours

Image by Alexnewworld from Pixabay 

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