Balmedie Beach

Sand dunes rule the land, conquerors of the senses, victors of vision.

Sand dunes at Balmedie Beach

Walk among the dunes like a dancer in a daydream, a ballet of beauty in your heart. Imagine yourself in a war of realities, Balmedie Beach the winning dimension, a world removed from the usual earthly constraints of time and space, a world just for you. A place where the mysteries of time are alive in the brisk sea air, a beach where the impossible ignites in your heart. Visit Balmedie Beach, and journey to a better unknown, flirting with infinite futures. Find your soul, rejuvenate your spirit.

Sunlight on Balmedie Beach

Only five miles from Aberdeen, Balmedie is the jewel in the Aberdeenshire coastal trail crown. The beach’s dramatic dunes run 14 miles (23 km) from Aberdeen to Newburgh, punctuated by marram grass.

Interesting Historical Fact

Balmedie Beach was used to defuse bombs during the Second World War raids on Aberdeen City, with unexploded bombs safely detonated on the shore. [source: Wikipedia]

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