Royal Deeside

Royal Deeside simmers with stunning countryside and magnificent mountains, a brew of tantalising magic. Poetry paints a portrait of wild, untamed nature; a tapestry of timeless beauty, each stitch a dot of perfection. Royal Deeside is a healing balm airborne, the taste of a living landscape. It is a highly recommended region to visit in Scotland, you will not be disappointed.

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Two charming villages offer the best of Scottish food and fare, Braemar and Ballater. (The Stagecoach bus 201 from Aberdeen Union Square goes to both; you can hop on and off with a day pass.)

Braemar is delight incarnate. Featuring a golf course and two main hotels in addition to many private bed and breakfast establishments, a night spent here will not disappoint. Pine forests surround the village like a magic and protective ring.

Find out about all the many fun activities in Braemar here:

Ballater is a town of unique character, the spirit of Scotland in every street, the ghost of Highland warriors a shadow that is there and then gone. An abundance of coffee shops and gift stores light the main street like stars in a Scottish sky. There is something for everyone in this village, including a visitor centre that celebrates the old railway station used by Queen Victoria in the 19th century.

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Find out more that Ballater has to offer here:

Near Ballater is the stunning Loch Muick, a tranquil expanse of water at the foot of mountain Lochnagar.

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Royal Deeside gains its name from royal connections that begin with Queen Victoria. “All seemed to breathe freedom and peace …” she famously wrote about the area. She bought the Balmoral Estate, and replaced an older castle with the current and impressive Balmoral Castle.

Today, the Balmoral Castle is still used as a holiday residence by the current Queen and Royal Family. Usually, the grounds and limited indoor areas are open to the public during the early summer months. Find out more here:

Balmoral Squirrel Cam

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