Aberdeen Beach

A northern nirvana, Aberdeen Beach cradles the city like a mermaid mother. Grey waves shimmer with the strength of steel and the spirit of serenity. The sky meets the sea like two siblings hugging. Here the raw power of nature knows no bounds.

Aberdeen seafront with sand and sea
Image by Anton Kossmann from Pixabay 

Walk along the seafront and be invigorated by the northerly breeze, while the sea air banishes worries, a timeless tranquiliser. Look to the sea and imagine yourself in another world, a place of waves and wonder. Or look around, and appreciate the busy beachfront of cafes and ice cream parlours.

Enjoy a traditional Scottish breakfast at the Inversnecky Café, or partake of a healthy brunch at Sand Dollar Café.

Try the big wheel or the waltzers at Codona’s Amusement Park, or play to win at adventure golf or ten pin bowling.

Walk along the seafront until you reach Footdee, a picturesque former fishing village with quaint cottages and delightfully decorated outhouses. Feel like you have stepped back a century, and marvel at this oasis that time forgot.

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