Stone Circles

Aberdeenshire is home to an impressive collection of prehistoric stone circles, indeed around 10% of the UK’s stone circles are in the region.

Image by kolibri5 from Pixabay 

Step back in time by visiting one or more of these ancient sites. Feel the ravages of millennia caught in stone; saviour these keepers of the past. Hear a sonnet of time quietly recite in your head. Breathe in the peace of the countryside: breathe out the wisdom of the centuries. These stone circles are special beyond words, thousands of years speaking to you in tangible silence. Embrace their mystery, and pay tribute to your ancient ancestors.

Aberdeenshire boasts its own style of stone circle: the Recumbent Stone Circle, which features a large horizontal stone flanked by the two tallest stones of the circle.

Recumbent Stone Circles in Aberdeenshire

Sunhoney – 9 miles NW of Peterculter

Berrybrae – 7 miles S of Fraserburgh

Tomnaverie – 4 miles NW of Aboyne

Midmar Kirk – 10 miles NW of Peterculter

Loudon Wood – 11 miles W of Peterhead

Loanhead of Daviot – 5 miles NW of Inverurie

Aikey Brae – 11 miles W of Peterhead

Garrol Wood – The Nine Stanes – 3 miles SE of Banchory

Easter Aquhorthies – 3 miles W of Inverurie

source: Aberdeenshire Council

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Cullerlie Stone Circle

East Aquhorthies Stone Circle

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