Seaton Symphony

A cacophony of colour attacks your eyes with barbaric beauty, flowers that sing with soul and cry with tenor tears.

It is Seaton Park, resplendent in a rainbow of pastels, floral music for the spirit. Trees hug the park to their motherly chest, like nature’s guardians.

Located in North Aberdeen on the edge of the river Don, Seaton Park borders Old Aberdeen and is adjacent to the imposing St Machar’s Cathedral.

St Machar Cathedral in the sun, with gravestones in front

Paths gently lead through the park, culminating in a centre of flowerbeds that defy description, a painting of mellow music. Follow the paths to a delightful walk along the banks of the River Don, or relax by the exquisite fountain, erected in 1984 in memory of Malcolm Hay (1881 to 1962), the last laird of Seaton.

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