Victoria Park

Victoria Park offers a taste of tranquillity in the heart of Aberdeen, a mirage of botanic bliss. A floral chorus of colour captivates the park visitor.

Situated within the elegant Rosemount area of the city, the park was named after Queen Victoria and dates from 1871.

A sonnet of simple symmetry, the park is laid out in a pleasing pattern of walkways and verdant lawns. Within its comforting confines, you can hear the nectar of nature, a symphony of silent shrubs.

The centrepiece is a fountain of fourteen types of granite.

a granite fountain

Giant chess boards bewitch the visitor, a tiny piece of the Harry Potter universe to uplift the spirit.

a giant chessboard painted on the ground

Browse the park like a library, for deep within its green heart you just might find the story of Aberdeen.

Trees and shrubs

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