Aberdeen Cares Exhibition

The VSA (Voluntary Service Aberdeen) has been helping children and adults in the city for over 150 years. A stunning exhibition at Aberdeen Art Gallery showcases their work, history intertwining with tapestry, momentoes mingling with poetic post-it messages, art arm in arm with historic articles.

The VSA is a social care charity, with an impressive history since its inception in 1870. A beating heart in Aberdeen centre, the VSA has assisted countless children and families over the decades, bringing comfort to those in need, pursuing its private battle against poverty.

Its services includes mental health support, learning disability services, children and family services, financial support grants, and support for carers.

The Mercat Bookshop offers culture and character within the Castlegate, a literary corner of the city, words for the unheard.

Find out more about the history of VSA

A Murmur Of Memories: short story inspired by the exhibition

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