Aberdeen Art Gallery

No visit to Aberdeen is complete without experiencing our exciting Art Gallery with its eclectic collections. Step in to another world, one of beauty and vibrant colour, with stunning sculpture and avant-garde art.

Sculpture of ballerina by Edgar Degas
Sculpture by Edgar Degas

Aberdeen Art Gallery opened in 1885, however recently has been extensively renovated, reopening as a truly world class facility in 2019.

Enter a land of marble, a song in stone, a poem in pillars. Granite columns of different colours stand like sentries to a universe of art. The marble black and white floor lifts you to an enchanted world, a space of serenity. Three floors of new and ancient art await.

There is a delightful café, offering delectable cakes and blissful beverages. Then there is the gift shop, featuring children’s and adult gifts, jewellery, craftwork, notebooks and scarves. Looking for a unique and thoughtful gift? You will find it here.

On my recent visit, a musician was in attendance. Soothing violin music lifted the senses, like angels singing above, a healing balm from heaven.

The Remembrance Hall is a quiet and dignified space for reflection. Respect for our war heroes is an invisible presence whispering in your ear, and you can feel an army of remembrance at arms.

Look down from the top and third floor, and marvel at the raw marble beauty below.

Womens dresses from early twentieth century
Women’s fashion from early 20th Century


Stories Inspired By Aberdeen Art Gallery

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