Pitmedden Woods

Pitmedden House and Gardens are Aberdeenshire’s hidden gem in the heart of Formartine. A National Trust property, the delightful and unique gardens are open during the spring and summer, featuring box hedges and a variety of flowers and shrubs in pleasing patterns. It is a garden like no other, truly the secret garden of the North East of Scotland.

Pitmedden Woods, however, are open all year and offer a variety of walks. A nirvana of nature, trees cloak the walks like a protective mother, as autumn leaves form a natural carpet of glowing colour. A bubbling stream flows in to a pond, a delight for dogs. Wooden bridges appear as gateways to a fantastic world, peopled by fairies.

Childlike fingers have created houses for the fairies. The spell is complete, and the hint of magic makes this woodland spot even more rewarding.

Pitmedden House surveys her woodland serenely like a reigning queen, a fairy queen from long ago, the secret of time itself in the ancient walls.

Pitmedden Woods is that special place, a secret hideaway where you can simply be you, and breathe … just breathe in the beauty of the countryside and breathe out all your stress. The healing power of nature is in the trees all around. Time seems to stand still here, it is all time, it is no time, it is time to heal.

If you are lucky, you may see a deer, or a hare. And if you are a child, perhaps even a fairy, or two. Their sparkle is in the morning’s dew, and their perfume in the soft wind.

Visit these woods, and allow yourself to imagine, just for a moment, that all the magic of children’s stories is real. Then when you go home, a piece of that magic will return with you. A special memory in your heart, a secret gem in your soul.

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