North East Treasure Chest

The Old Auction Room in Strichen (north Aberdeenshire) is a must visit for lovers of the unusual and the unexpected, and for the discerning curiosity collector. A plain building on Strichen’s High Street belies the wonders that lie within.

A treasure chest of jewels, authentic art, fabulous furniture, outlandish ornaments and time-touched trinkets will mesmerise you with their beauty. Each item in this store whispers its story, a voice from the past shyly speaking to whoever may hear. History hugs you as you traverse the shop, the taste of time gone by kissing you gently.

No one will leave disappointed. Allow each item to haunt your heart, feel memories of yesterday swim in your head, a river of raw recollection reaching out like the hand of a water sprite. Listen to the river song, a ballad of time forgotten.  Feel history running like a river through your veins. Peruse the past at each turn. Enjoy a day out like no other.

You can relax with a hot drink and cake in the café, sitting among the antiques. You can also browse the shop and buy from the comfort of your own home at

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