Nuart Aberdeen

Every year, new street art breathes fire through the heart of Aberdeen, flames of creativity hissing round corners, kissing the mundane goodbye. The darkest street is transformed; tall grey buildings suddenly stun with colour. Modern art moves through the town like molten lava, consuming the ugly within its path, painting a new Aberdeen, ready for a better tomorrow.

My highlights from Nuart 2019 are below:

A mural by Dotmasters on Jopps Lane, a sitting room pulled from the past, a living piece of humour and history for a future that cares.

Meanwhile, office block Greyfriars House has come to life with portraits by Helen Bur, golden gods meet the man of the street as the larger than life figures stand supreme.

Finally, my favourite. Bold, beautiful and breathtaking, but words do no justice to this portrait by Australian artist SMUG.

Information on a (postponed) Nuart 2020 is here:

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