University of Aberdeen

Unique and Unrivalled

Step back in time on the University of Aberdeen campus. Cobbled streets guide you through the centuries, with architecture to whet any appetite. The beauty of New Kings College hides its academic heart behind gable ends and buttresses, ivy cloaking its exterior as if embarrassed at the raw intellect inside. Kings College, with its stunning façade and heraldry, stands dominant nearby, the symbolic heart of the University.

The High Street is a highway through time. In its middle, there is the charming Café Kilau, serving lunches and mouth-watering cakes. Sit outside in its garden or enjoy the delightful indoor décor.

The MacRobert Memorial Garden is hidden in a quiet oasis at the end of Wrights’ and Coopers’ Place.  Three of Lady MacRobert’s sons lost their lives as pilots in the Second World War. Lady MacRobert contributed to the cost of a bomber aircraft during the war (MacRobert’s Reply), and the memorial garden was created in 1965 by Robert Hurd to celebrate her philanthropic life.

Sit silently here, contemplate the statue and mosaic, breathe in a centuries old peace, and let the academic atmosphere of this ancient campus gently massage your brain.

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