A charming village clings to the cliffs like a child to an unpredictable parent. The sea hugs the beach like a prodigal son returning home. Nature rules, a ruthless dictator; the land seems to cower before the sea as a dog to its master. The violence of the natural world is softened by the gentle curves of exquisite cottages, with windows like eyes to yesteryear, their fishing history imprinted on stone hearts.

Collieston is arguably the prettiest village in the North East of Scotland; but its beaches are wild and untamed, just like the sea. The settlement dates to the sixteenth century, but the area was likely inhabited long before then. It became famous as a fishing port, and particularly for ‘Collieston Speldings’, which were salted and sun-dried haddock. The village was also renowned for smuggling, the many caves in the nearby cliffs being perfect for this purpose.

Today, Collieston is a popular tourist destination, its unique mixture of history and natural beauty affording its visitors a glimpse in to another age, a chance to reconnect with nature and to marvel at the magnificent landscape.

T.E.Lawrence (or Lawrence of Arabia) lived temporarily in the village during leave from the RAF in September 1930 (source: Wikipedia).

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