Fyvie Castle

A fairytale in stone, a scenic secret within the heart of Aberdeenshire. Eight hundred year old Fyvie Castle stands majestic within a large and stunning parkland, overlooking woods, lake and gardens like a benevolent king.

The castle boasts a magnificent collection of antiques, tapestries and artwork, including pieces by Raeburn, Gainsborough, Romney, Lawrence, Greuze, Vigée Le Brun, Millais and Batoni. Become an art tourist for a day, and be delightfully dazzled by opulence and beauty.

In the shadow of its stories: a green lady ghost, an ancient curse, Fyvie Castle nonetheless emerges as victor of its history. Step back in time, each room is a poem in décor, words are centuries old furnishings and rhymes are the beautiful tapestries and paintings on the walls.

My personal favourite room is the Library, displaying a mouth-watering medley of first editions and impressive tomes. The winding stone stairs are simply put poetry in motion, while the bedrooms proudly display their intricately carved four poster beds, sonnets in wood.

The castle is a time-defying tapestry of the ages, each room offering a unique glimpse in to its history, the personalities of families from hundreds of years ago indelibly etched on its walls.

If you visit one castle in Aberdeenshire, choose Fyvie. You will not be disappointed.

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