Crathes Castle

Crathes Castle stands strong and supreme at the end of a majestic drive, a tall elegant castle dating from the 1500s. A home to the Burnett family, it was gifted to the National Trust for Scotland in 1951.

Crathes Castle from the outside

Winding stairwells lead up through the castle like a highway through history, the past brushing your cheek like invisible cobwebs, a ghost train ride through time. Each furnished room gives you a fascinating glimpse in to centuries gone by, you can almost imagine you are there, back in time.

A winding stone staircase

Some ceilings display stunning ancient artwork.

The Green Lady’s room beguiles with its miniature chairs and cradle. Read a story based on the Crathes Castle Green Lady

The castle gardens are a gateway to natural nirvana. Sculpted hedges guard the gardens like silent sentries to another world. Peace prevails here, the perfect place for quiet reflection.

If you visit one castle in Aberdeenshire, I recommend Crathes, it is truly a journey in to the past and beyond.

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