Union Terrace Gardens

An artistic amphitheatre overlooked by ancient architecture, Aberdeen’s Union Terrace Gardens offer city centre symmetry and serenity. It is like entering a future world with one eye on a prestigious past. Recently reopened after a major redevelopment, the gardens provide a gentle respite from the city centre crush above, with a grand entrance staircase, tranquil seating areas, children’s play areas and a large civic space appropriate for events and gatherings. The design is a marriage of the modern and the traditional; the space is both a city centre haven and an architect’s dream.

Artwork offers solace for the soul.

A mirror unicorn dazzles your eyes. (The unicorn is Scotland’s national animal.)

mirror unicorn sculpture

The city crest shines in glorious green.

the city crest in green hedge, depicting two leopards and the words Bon Accord

A statue of William Wallace looks protectively over the park.

A statue of William Wallace with St Mark's Church behind

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