Maritime Museum

Aberdeen’s Maritime Museum showcases the history of Aberdeen’s two iconic industries, the fishing industry that powered our past, and the more recent oil industry that thrust the city on to the global stage.

colourful figurine of a woman in a blue dress
Figurehead from the Star of Tasmania, a ship built in 1856 for Captain Tulloch, and later wrecked off New Zealand in 1868

Peruse the past of Aberdeen’s fishing industry, with model fishing boats and mind-stunning memorabilia.

Or explore the history of our world leading oil industry, and be awestruck by the towering model rig (the Murchison platform).

The museum offers excellent views over Aberdeen Harbour, the UK’s oldest surviving business.

view of Aberdeen Harbour, showing a large ship at dock

Outside the museum is a memorial to all our fisher men and women, unveiled in 2018 and designed by David Williams-Ellis.

lifesize sculpture of fisher woman and fisher man with fish

More information

Short story inspired by the sea: Mer Music

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