Nuart 2022

Nuart is back in Aberdeen, turning the urban landscape in to a creative canvas, attacking the granite grey with vibrant colour, accosting our eyes with invention and ingenuity.

Street art by Martin Whatson, featuring a man on top of a wall of grafitti
by Martin Whatson

Since Nuart first arrived on our streets in 2017, more than thirty international street artists have gifted their art to Aberdeen, spreading culture like a benign virus throughout our city centre and beyond, leaving their indelible footprints of genius behind.

Now one of the UK’s leading street art festivals, no trip to Aberdeen is complete without a taste of Nuart talent.

More information:

Highlights from Nuart 2022

street art showing a man standing on the world with a flag covering his face
by Jofre Oliveras
street art showing a girl in jeans placing a finger on her lips
by James Klinge
street art showing a couple embracing
by Jacoba Niepoort
vibrant street art showing the inside of an apartment
by Erin Holly

Nuart from previous years

street art of lifesize leopard
by Hama Woods
street art featuring a woman breastfeeding
by Helen Bur
street art of large and multicoloured unicorn
by Bordalo II
street art of girl with birds
by Snik

A story inspired by the above art: Bird Girl

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