Duthie park winter gardens

Aberdeen’s most famous outdoor recreational area is the magnificent Duthie Park.

A water feature in Duthie Park Winter Gardens

The highlight of the park is its iconic Winter Gardens, featuring the Temperate House, Corridor of Perfumes, Fern House, Victorian Corridor, Japanese Garden, Tropical House and Arid House. The latter has one of the largest collections of cacti in the UK.

A hanging basket of pink flowers

Flowers are a feast for the soul in a chorus of vibrant colour.

The cacti reach to the hothouse roof like green angels trying to fly. The Arid House is truly outstanding, a must see for every visitor to Aberdeen.

Aberdeen’s coat of arms features two leopards and the motto “Bon Accord,” French for “Good Agreement”. It is believed that during the Wars of Scottish Independence in the 14th century, Bon Accord was the secret password used by Robert the Bruce’s supporters in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen coat of arms featuring two leopards

Animal sculptures appeal to children and adults alike.

You can find out more at the Friends of Duthie Park website: www.friendsofduthiepark.co.uk

Read a story inspired by the Arid House: Cactus Calm

Lion sculpture

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