Ferryhill (in Aberdeen) hides its handsome houses behind abundant trees and blossom. Step back in time to house design heaven. Enjoy quiet avenues of stunning architecture, explore streets that sparkle like jewels, and end your walk in Aberdeen’s prettiest of parks: Duthie Park.

tree with blossom in Ferryhill street

Ferryhill Library opened in 1903, and is today a Category B listed building. It stands at the top of Fonthill Road like a literary guardian, a king of knowledge, guarding Ferryhill and its history.

Ferryhill Library from the outside

The Ferryhill Parish Church steeple soars to the sky like an angel on a mission. On the corner of Fonthill Road and Polmuir Road, religious dignity dines with architectural accomplishment within its walls.

Ferryhill Parish Church clock tower, seen through trees

Buildings battle for beauty queen in this part of Aberdeen: here are some of the best.

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