Culsh Monument

The Culsh Monument is a striking tower near the Central Buchan village of New Deer. Its spire soars to the sky as though communicating with angels; and perhaps it is, as a memorial to a local “angel”, Liberal MP William Dingwall Fordyce (1836-1875).

Fordyce campaigned for the workers on his estate, introducing insurance for workers’ cottages, and instigating a coach service from New Deer to neighbouring Banff, Peterhead and Aberdeen. He was key in the introduction of railway services to the area, and also set up gaming laws to assist the local economy.

Such was his prestige among the local workforce, that upon his death they erected the Culsh Monument in his memory. William is buried on the Brucklay Estate, however it can be argued that his real resting place is the regal Culsh Monument.

In summer, the monument is usually open (and free) to the public. You can climb a stately spiral stairway and marvel at the views from the top, as verdant fields flow towards the magnificent Mormond Hill.

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