Autumn Adventures at Haddo

Haddo Country Park has something for everyone, with a stunning lake walk and opportunity to bird watch, to a Victorian garden and a children’s playpark.

In autumn, Haddo turns in to a red and yellow wonderland, its trees bright like stars fallen from the sky. As winter claims the land, these same trees stand tall, inimitable, perfectly at one with the seasons. Haddo’s woodland is a joy at any time of the year, but especially so in autumn.

This ancient tree stands like a sentry guarding a better dimension, master of the seasons, a survivor with a lesson for us all. Walk around it and imagine yourself crossing to another world, a place where all seasons happen at once, and where wildlife is safe forever. Close your eyes, and you are there.

The lake sparkles in the late autumn sun, its waters home to many birds including this princely swan.

A river runs from the lake like a wild horse escaping capture. Its waters whisper of timeless wisdom, rushing onwards like the invincible passage of time.

The Golden Gates stand guard to the last stretch of the Scots Mile which runs from Haddo House to the top of a hill, from which there are spectacular views of the estate and surrounding countryside.

One can imagine that the gates lead to a secret land, with hidden treasures deep within. However, they certainly do take you to the heart of the park; step through them to a paradise of wonder and wildlife, and let nature fondle your heart and wild beauty bewitch your eyes.

More information about Haddo Country Park:

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