Snowdrop Sunshine

By Rachel H Grant

Spring sighed in the air, a murmur of hope on wings. Fairy Snowdrop Sue flew over the Fairyland houses at Haddo Country Park, waving her crystal wand, spreading snowdrop magic like dust on the wind.

snowdrops with trees behind
Image by Karsten Paulick from Pixabay

Sue loved children, faithfully following their little feet across the park. Unseen and unheard, she waved her wand like a fairy godmother, a smile on her invisible face as childish tears dried to the laughter of sunshine fun.

With her wand, she coaxed dreams from childish minds, boosting their innermost talents. Thomas giggled as he ran round the Fairy Forest, a story sleeping in his heart. Sue laughed silently above him, as snowdrop sparkle rained down like morning dew.

That night, eight year old Thomas began to write, words jumping from his fingers like dominoes falling in a row, each leading to the next like a story that would never end.

He wrote of Teo the Train, speeding through the Scottish countryside. Wherever Teo went, snowdrops grew like magic in its wake. Scotland’s train tracks turned in to a path of pure white, the whisper of spring enchanting passengers and train drivers alike.

As Thomas wrote, snowdrop magic bounced off the page, and flew in to the night like magic dust.

Then next day, his story had come true. Across Scotland, every rail track verge had turned in to a springtime wonderland, snowdrops dancing in a soft breeze, the promise of a better tomorrow on the horizon. Magic melted in the wind, as a new day dawned to the wonder of white.

snowdrops against a backdrop of a sunset and birds in the sky
Image by Gerhard from Pixabay