Tolquhon Castle

An elegant effigy of time gone by. The ruins of Tolquhon Castle stand majestic in stunning Aberdeenshire countryside, near the villages of Tarves and Pitmedden. An Historic Environment Scotland property, its towers reach to the sky like a vanquishing army, king of its land, defiant of the effects of time. Even as a ruin, it is somehow perfect, the surviving rooms stark in their simple beauty.

Enter the upstairs ballroom and dance as though you are in the past, imagine the ball dresses and the electric excitement of the guests. Find the kitchen with its huge fireplace, envisage the steam all around and smell the baking bread. Enjoy the large courtyard, surrounded by castle walls like a baby protected by its mother’s arms. View the rolling Aberdeenshire countryside from the upstairs windows, and imagine yourself back in time.

The castle’s tower house dates from the early 1400s, with the main building completed in 1589. Read the full history

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